As a Junior level UX designer, sometimes you need more than just digging for resources on your own and doing design challenge after design challenge. Having a mentor is important so you can receive constructive criticism, discover new opportunities, network, provides you with new resources/shortcuts/tools, and empowers you.

When on…

Even before my job search started, I thought I knew it all, I checked the “Builtin” websites (i.e. builtincolorado, etc), Linkedin, and Glassdoor. I setup alerts and was getting notifications for all the new job listings I met the qualifications for. Little did I know, I was missing a few websites, that have proven to show listings I never imagined being available.

Here they are: (More for freelance / Part-time opportunities)

Hopefully this helps some of you guys in your search. Cheers!

Welcome back to part 2 of my second design challenge! Just as a refresher, here is the prompt:

The NYC metrocard system has remained unchanged for decades. The cost of the metrocard machine infrastructure, the lost time of waiting in line to buy a metrocard, touching a dirty machine to…

White-boarding challenge- A challenge that is usually done live in front of the interview team. This type of challenge will allow you to collaborate with the interviewing designers and demonstrate your ability to problem-solve.

Take home design challenge- An assessment provided to you by a company to work on within…

Ashley Valentin

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